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Ray Vincent Mann - A True Prince of French Royalty

Ray Vincent Mann - A True Prince of French Royalty

Ray Vincent Mann is an Entrepreneur, Producer, Designer and Fashion Lover. He is a True Prince of French Royalty. He shares the direct Royal male bloodline with King Louis XIV, and with all of the Kings of the Royal Houses of Bourbon of France and Spain.

History of French Royalty

After Europe's longest rule of King Louis XIV, the Sun King was prevailed in 1715 by his grandson and namesake, Louis XV. The new ruler and his mistress Mme. de Pompadour tracked down extra ways of parading their costly and impulsive taste-both at Versailles and at the steadily multiplying more modest chateaux worked as safe spaces from court custom. The voracious longing for conspicuous consumption was given on to King Louis XVI and to his queen Marie Antoinette, and by 1789 the uncomprehending French government remained near the precarious edge of revolution.

Ray Vincent Mann Has the Blood of French Kings

Ray Vincent Mann is true French Royalty living in the Southern California. Ray's DNA test has confirmed that he has the similar Royal Paternal bloodline as King louis XVI and King Henri IV of the Royal House of Bourbon of France, which is perhaps of the most generally significant European Royal House. Ray's Royal Bloodline confirmation was completed by two top DNA researchers, who confirmed his Royal Bloodline by using samples of the Blood which came from the head of his relative King Louis XVI of France. 

Also, Ray can follow his Paternal name of 'Mann' back to the year 1,100 in France, and he also can follow back nearly 400 years to April 6, 1634, when his ancestor William Mann arrived in the state of Virginia coming from the Port of England in the UK.

Ray as a Designer and Artist

Ray Vincent Mann was born in  New Jersey. He is a designer and artist based in Miami & Los Angeles with his work studio located in downtown Los Angeles. He is a high-end luxury designer who designs luxury collection pieces for those who desire extreme luxury and the art of living well. Ray's new collection pieces have been called both astonishing and breathtaking. He is inspired by artists like Sir Joshua Reynolds, Manet, Van Gogh, Goya, Botticelli and others. Ray loves to study religious history, usually listen classical violin and also likes to invite on events like Paris Fashion Week.


LUX-ART BATH COLLECTION is started by Ray Vincent Mann. Ray started this journey to make the very best collections of luxury bath designs from the high-quality marbles in the world. He was determined to ensure the quality of his handcrafted, hand-painted,  luxury designs. He believed that there is a certain group of people around the world that loved art, and the art of luxury living well. Their LUX-ART BATH COLLECTION® is hand-painted depicting some of the most famous and revered paintings in the world.

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