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Check out Artist, Trey (RGIII)

Check out Artist, Trey (RGIII)


Robert Gardner III, also known as ‘Trey (RGIII)’, is an artist from Detroit, Michigan, now residing in Dallas, Texas. He keeps consistent and unique with his work, and has a diverse range of qualities that define him and his endeavors. Trey (RGIII), has set his sights on accomplishing his dreams and his goals are only expanding. “When I am not refining my martial arts and training to compete in tournaments I work on learning better producing/beat making techniques as well as venting my thoughts to a pen and pad because why would I pay someone to tell me I have issues..” 

With a bright future ahead, the diverse artist is resilient with his work, and motivated in the way he goes about making content. Motivating, hardworking, and resilient, Trey (RGIII) is well respected in Texas now with the music he produces.

Where are you from?

Born and raised up in the mitten, otherwise known as Michigan. Now what city ? Is that even a question? Straight out the heart of Motorcity a young superstar, was born a little ways away from where a legend used to stay. 7 Mile.

Give Three qualities that describe you:

Toxic and positive is a matter of perception.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

Hmmm inspired? To be honest I started running out of plans and it was between committing to the music, working a job I hate, or fighting for uncle sam.

As a business owner, what are the some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

The most challenging obstacle I have had to overcome is sleep, so everyday since December 19th, 2022 (My 21st bday) I have slept on the floor with two pillows, one blanket, and replaced my bed with a recording set up.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

Growing up a popping question is either “ what do you want to be when you grow up” or “ who do you look up to” and quite frankly my answer has always been; a superhero and myself. In life I've realized good and bad is a matter of perception because even a villain once dreamed of being the hero. So my friends call me Deadpool. I'm well aware I'm not Ryan Reynolds and I also fully understand how looking up to myself can be perceived as ”arrogant”. 

It's not that I think I know everything but I believe anything that I don't know will put me in a position to learn something new about myself as well as someone else. So who is inspiring me today? Well I haven't met him yet but when I look in the mirror in five years I’ll be closer to the answer but always five years and a reflection away from the man himself.

Trey (RGIII) has his sights set on the prize despite dealing with hardships. “A wise woman once told me If you pray for wisdom, God gives you problems to solve. If you pray for strength you'll receive obstacles to overcome. Your progress doesn't come through the sunny days because you learn more about yourself on stormy nights.” 

With his listeners, he is motivated by the thought of making a difference not just in this world and when he hits the stage to perform. His self motivation is an inspiration for others, and he states steadfastly on his journey. “Take my words with a grain of salt because some things can only be displayed so well by words. Perceive my metaphors like the stars and interpret them in whichever way soothes your curiosity. Lastly it's worse to quit than to fail, sadly the most creativity in the world resides in the cemetery. Chase your dreams.”

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