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Ekaterina Miroshnik - A Creative and Inspiring Makeup Artist in the Beauty Industry

Ekaterina Miroshnik - A Creative and Inspiring Makeup Artist in the Beauty Industry

Ekaterina Miroshnik is a 30 years old makeup artist from Kiev, Ukraine. She is an experienced makeup artist who works as a make-up artist and also teaches others that how to apply the makeup and other beauty cosmetics. Her dream is to travel around the world and discover new people, culture and countries.

As a MakeUp Artist

Ekaterina is a Motivated, dedicated, kind and professional makeup artist. She began her beauty career about 5 years ago. Her passion and aptitude for beauty have been clearly apparent her entire life and she chased her dreams of being a pro makeup artist.

She also love to work with different cosmetics brands. Ekaterina wants to make the world a more beautiful place elbow deep in makeup, researching makeup, experimenting with the makeup, or daydreaming about makeup.

She love people and people love to feel beautiful, which is the reason she has spent last 5 years engulfed in doing makeup. She believes if you feel comfortable in your skin, then you can spend your energy loving others and enjoying life instead of worrying and being self-conscious. Is makeup the best way to gain self-confidence? No way! But it can help a little, plus it’s FUN! So Ekaterina hopes that she can help people’s life be a little bit happier, and perhaps more colorful.

Ekaterina Miroshnik - A Creative and Inspiring Makeup Artist in the Beauty Industry

Importance of MakeUp Artist's Art

She believes that being a makeup artist is more than just a hobby and it can be turned into a hugely successful and satisfying career. The importance of makeup artists is often seen as they are in the almost every sector of the entertainment business, from film to magazines to the modeling industry. Moreover, it is not just in the entertainment industry, they can also establish their own business, work as freelancers or work for a multi-million dollar company. Everyone needs a good touch-up once in a while. Over the years, the work of makeup artists has not gone unnoticed. There are now multiple awards to be won globally as an aspiring makeup artist. Among these awards a makeup artist can win, there are the more prestigious ones such as the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling in film, an Emmy Award or even a Golden Globe Award. The road to success for a makeup artist is long and challenging as it requires commitment and a deep passion for the art. It takes time to build up a clientele and gain enough prominence to become the go-to makeup artist, but it can be done.

Firstly, you have to establish what you are good at. There are several fields to specialize in as a makeup artist. There is fashion makeup, which is used in magazines and on the fashion runway. This type of technique is the one most often used in television and film. Then there is bridal makeup, the field that is quickly growing throughout the world. Another interesting field is special makeup effects, where special effects are utilized to enhance certain features for a particular theme. This includes the use of the prosthetics and plaster, especially when a project features non-human characters. In addition, with the rise of social media, you can either be a makeup artist instructor by setting up a blog or creating a channel on YouTube.

Her Future Dreams

Ekaterina loves creativity and everything related to it. That’s why she is very much passionate about her work as a makeup artist in the beauty industry. Her future dream is to create stylish clothes and discover a beauty space where she will experience people’s positive emotions.

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