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Interview With Promoter and Entrepreneur, Fresco

Interview With Artist and Entrepreneur, Fresco


Pierre Hamilton, also known as ‘Fresco’ is a promoter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now residing in Dallas, Texas. Fresco has goals that are definitely worth hearing about. Being in healthcare and the founder of ‘Up In Smoke Ent.’ he speaks on his creative journey  "I won't speak too much in depth but new designs for the Fresco and Up In smoke merch. Me and the team got some new spots (venues) we are working on promoting. All the grind in hard work we putting in now is building the foundation for the BIG move coming later. Stay tuned you see.” 

Fresco has been making a solid base in the city and has great intentions in mind with his business. Not only can you catch Fresco on the scene at various venues he promotes, he is also actively working on the community outreach programs. Fresco is a firm believer in tapping in with the community. It’s what sets him apart, creating a difference along with a few other skills. He is a leader, very confident and most of all a hustler. Fresco motivation stems from his family. “My family, my kids and God kids, BeBe, inspire me. I want my legacy to live forever, I wanna be able to sit the kids down and say “look y'all watched me build this empire, ya went to school did what you need to do to become a responsible adult ok what do you wanna do now? You wanna take over? You wanna create your own biz ok what do you wanna do? What do you need? Whatever it is ima have their backs regardless, of course i'm not gonna make it a cake walk for me but ima always be there to back them up. No matter what it seems, all the moves I'm making is for them. For them to never have to go through anything I had to grow up and things I have done to get where I am now. ”

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

The main thing would be poverty. I grew up in the inner city of Milwaukee, Burleigh Zoo (40th to be exact. Sure my parents provided the essentials to the best of their ability but I knew to get the things I wanted I had to hustle. I had to be a go-getter. My parents taught me discipline, even though I ain’t always used or displayed their teachings it was always there. Of course school gave me knowledge, but the streets taught me the grind, it taught me to never accept ‘no’ if I wanted it I had to get it because it would never be given to me or come easy.  Back then rather it was legal or illegal if Fresco wanted it he got it.

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

Keep grinding no matter what roadblock comes your way. No matter what you do it’s always gonna be an obstacle or challenge,  push yourself and get it done. If life was easy no one would appreciate it. I was built off the hustle. I know how it feels to grind hard, make a come up and lose it all. It gets discouraging. But what most people fail to realize is that it's easy to obtain ANYTHING the hard part is keeping it. For example tax time, a lot of individuals love this time of year because some receive money back in one lump sum that normally takes them 2-6 months to make working their job and spend it within a week or even 2 days of receiving it buying things they normally would not get through out the year.  Now if they took that money, saved some as well as started a biz off a creative skill they behold they could double it in the same amount of time they would take to spend it.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

My Uncle Ray Ray (Brick), which you see here on my chain he go everywhere I go lol. No discredit to my pops, he was influential in my life on a mental level not so much as physical as Unk. Unk was like my moms family handyman anything needed to be fixed they called him. I spent majority the summers as a youngin  up until high school by my grams crib s/o Uptown Center street. Unk would normally come thru check on grams, drop my lil cousin DeDe off (his son) or he would call, either way he would always have some words for me or teaching me something.  Unk taught  me how to change my first tire, he was actually the reason I got into customizing my whips. He past away when I was a Freshman in high school but its not a day that goes by something I’m doing or see reminds me of him. When he past I kinda took over as Mr fix it, even if I couldn’t fix I had to give it a shot. More times then none I fixed it though lol. He was the reason I joined the construction academy in high school (Bradley Tech) .

C. A (Chris) another younger cousin, he is right here with me as well lol. Growing up he was like my lil shadow, we were inseparable growing up everywhere I was he was there and vice verse! Every fight you ever had I was there! Of course we always had our fights and things but we always had each other back. I ain’t never have to question your loyalty. We had that brother to brother competition. Oh things use to get real, I mean real but at the end of the day we were blood. By me being the older one I never took it easy on them… at all from basketball to football, video games etc. I think growing up the only thing he could really beat me at was making eggs lol. 

But definitely gotta give em his credit he was cold in sports. His shot was so pure the only way you stopped it was to foul. He was influential to me because he really pushed and made me better. I honestly never really realized it until we got older into high school and me leaving for college. As a kid, at times him being around so much was  annoying  not to mention grams babied him but I won't lie I miss it. I'm sure he felt that about me too lol but grams ain't baby me. Hell it could be one the main reason you rarely catch me with many dudes around me its always gonna be women around. I miss him and unk daily not a day goes by I don’t miss them, hell I would give anything to have em back.

Even though Fresco is devoted to perfecting the art of his craft to the highest level, his hardships have made him want to do even better in his business as well. “I had to overcome addressing people who were speaking on my name. Speaking negatively meant to me you wanted action. But nowadays depending on what's said and the impact it has on my biz I laugh it off. I had to overcome the fact that I would lose people on this journey. By that I mean family, friends, etc turn enemies. The love they once had becomes hate. When you're not as easily accessible or being a ‘yes’ man they fall back. I won’t lie in the beginning. It used to bother me like damn before I was promoting such and such use to blow my phone down like where we are tonight or let’s grab a drink and support this person & that person I had no problem spending whatever. But now that I’m doing my own thing I expected to get that same love and support and of course it wasn't given but that was my fault for expecting it. Not everyone moves like I do or thinks like I, they won't give the same energy I gave.” 

Fresco is now focused on continuing to be the best in his city, so that he can build on his already strong foundation even more than it already is. Fresco mentions within the interview that certain individuals in his life have inspired him to be great, starting from his own family. He ends with speaking about upcoming projects on the horizon for him. “I don’t usually like to speak on major moves until things are set in stone but I’ll share a bit. While I’m still pushing and grinding hard with Up In Smoke here in Dallas, Up In Smoke (West Coast), which is California addition, has launched so I’m focusing as much attention as I can to that as well with ideas to tap in with the community, do some recruiting. Shout out to the Up In Smoke  DJ Dezzo making moves in Cali. For the Cali followers tap in with my dawg each and every Friday and Saturday at Voodoo Hookah Lounge. More venues to come so stay tuned.”

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, a lot of big-crowd events, like concerts and festivals, were banned in 2021. This was because of restrictions put in place by both the city and the federal government. As a result, the number of chances for promoters to show off their skills has been dramatically cut down. And Fresco remains steadfast.

Public Relations Agency, #Focuseddd,  highlights the skills and motivations of people who have a good reason for what they do, like Pierre Hamilton, also known as ‘Fresco’.

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