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Musical Artist, Prada G, Makes Noise in the Music Industry

Musical Artist, Prada G, Makes Noise in the Music Industry


Gavin Crutcher, also known as ‘Prada G’, is a musical artist and speaker from Newport Beach, California, now residing in Dallas, Texas. Prada G is well on his way to the top with his abilities musically. His dedication and skills to his craft has remained consistent and unique since the beggining. So, Prada G has focused on never stopping working and always having content to drop. He has lots of upcoming work to look out for. 

“As of right now I just dropped an album called Project DND on all platforms. I dropped this album with a bunch of different sub genres of rap to see what did the best. The song TMS really got some motion in the area. It’s kind of like a techno melody with rap drums. Since I craft my own beats and production, I’m really looking forward to focusing harder on that sub genre. It’s unique and has a ton of energy behind it. Something you can really turn up to. Currently I’m working on my beat making abilities and sound production ” With a bright future ahead, the unique artist is hardworking with his work, and motivated in the way he goes about making content. As an artist, he practices the qualities of being creative, unique, and determined, Prada G remains focused on his journey and remains heavily misunderstood.

Prada G knows where his passion starts from and speaks more on his inspirations that keep him consistent. “I just can’t give it up. I’ve been making music for 5 years and have just recently started getting looked at. It feels good to make an impact on the world and that peoples day can be brightened by my music. I had one person that DMed me saying my music got him through some hard times, as I have made some real heartfelt songs as well. This really hit hard for me as an artist knowing that I made an impact on his life and possibly others. I’ll continue to turn up and do everything I can to make this happen.” Prada G stays consistent and has been seen at shows performing his latest music.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Newport Beach, California but have lived in Dallas, Texas for 16 years.

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

My advice is to be yourself and know your worth. A lot of people will try to deceive you and take advantage of you. If something is “guaranteed to blow up” it’s a scam and their bots. As far as my work, it took me a long time to find my sound. (literally years) Experiment with all styles til you figure out what your voice can do and what vibe you're going for.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are at?

People don’t wanna pay. I do studio time with knowledge of four years experience for just twenty-five dollars an hour in my home studio. It’s a service that takes time to learn and commit to. I have a lot of first time people so to overcome this I’ll let them come in while I’m working on my own stuff and just check it out and get a feel for what I’m doing and the quality of work I make. This makes the customer feel more comfortable.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

I’ll be at The Green Elephant performing every Tuesday night at 8. I also have some features that I’ve been knocking out that will be dropping soon. I’ll post on Instagram when they drop and show love to my people.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

Most influential person to me for my music is my Dad. He’s always bumping my music and showing it to people. He’s helped me afford a lot of the equipment I’ve used to build my studio and I’m very grateful for that. Also got my boys Gizmo and Nate. Gizmo’s the first person to really put me on game for how the industry works. He’s always pushing me to do things to better myself and my music. Nate’s and I have been working on music for the same amount of time. We started doing it all together and learning.

Prada G has his sights set on the prize despite dealing with hardships. “The biggest thing is to pick your battles. You can’t do everything. Focus on what you're good at. I found myself trying to do some other styles and it was just super forced and I knew it wasn’t what I was meant to do. The biggest struggle I’ve had with making music is the production part of it. There’s always something that can be added or fixed and you really just got to fix as much as you can and move on. I would always sit on little things that don’t matter and it would mess with the workflow. Now I just try to only look at what’s necessary and to stop trying to make everything perfect in my eyes that the listener wouldn’t even notice. Another thing I’ve struggled with is networking. For a long time I didn’t know anyone in the music business or how to even find people to help me. Now I’ve found the underground scene in Dallas and ever since that I’ve just been pushing to collaborate and work with as many people as I can to get my name out there.” 

Now, with his listeners, he is motivated by the thought of making a difference not just in this world and when he hits the stage to perform and in the studio working hard in silence. His self motivation is an inspiration for others, and he stays steadfastly on his journey.

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