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Interview With Musical Artist, Oneday

Interview With Musical Artist, Oneday


Oneday is a musical artist from Dallas, Texas. The artist has a lot of projects to look forward to in the upcoming seasons and is just getting his name out there. From being consistently dedicated to his work as long as he remembers, pushing past adversities, and still pursuing his dreams, Oneday speaks more on his upcoming endeavors. “I am working on many behind the scenes singles, collabs, and music videos. Currently stacking content in the vault. Stay tuned. Will be releasing some great content coming up! A lot of heat on the way! That’s all I will say!”

Oneday is known to be destined, distinct, and determined when it comes to his demeanor and work ethic. Oneday is on the right path despite the hardships he grew up in and overcame. Oneday has been through a lot, but stays consistent on his current endeavors. “What’s inspiring me is the feeling of knowing that I’m so much more , and knowing that there is a bigger purpose in all of this.” Oneday stays motivated. His hardships have made him who he is and Oneday does not stop pushing. Because of his consistent work, he is now an upcoming and talented artist coming out of his city.

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are now?

I didn’t complain or sink into depression or anger. I understood that struggles and failures are a part of every journey to reaching your highest aspirations! Therefore I see the good in everything, and I pray, and I see signs after putting this view point out, signs that show I’m on the right path. I see it’s always a blessing around the corner as I stay faithful and persistent within my endeavors regardless of the obstacle or mishap that comes against me. I continue putting out hard work, positive energy, a helping hand, I stay focused and optimistic, and eventually see that every struggle that comes against me, somehow becomes my past, and there I am receiving a blessing and reaching a next level.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

I can’t pinpoint exactly who. Or maybe I don’t want to say because I’d probably just say who I’ve listened to or liked a lot before up to now. Which would be a long list. I’ll just say various musical artists, as I came up, had a lot to do with who I am and how I create to this day. Time behind bars influenced me to see things differently and to grow. The love from my mother and others influenced me to be loving, caring, and passionate. Forgiving and the understanding of things and others. God influenced me to have purpose.

Oneday’s hardships have made him want to keep pushing despite anything. His work remains unique and worthy. “I want others to know that.. you can be and do anything that you can think of… when you start a work, don’t stop until you finish it. If only you knew, that, if you never give up, you will surely and inevitably, reach your destination, sooner or later! Take every lesson on the way and perfect your craft and come harder every time! Put into your dreams in every way and stay optimistic and believe! Keep going! You will arrive.”

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