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Nirmel Mouchiquel - A Talented Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and the Sound Engineer

Nirmel Mouchiquel - A Talented Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and the Sound Engineer

Nirmel Mouchiquel is a Music Professional and Artist in Dijon, France. He started practicing music at 4 years old, poetry at 8 years old, winning many prizes and awards in his life. He has more than 500 concert shows, mostly in France, and more than 300 musical compositions (sonatas, concertos, clarinet chamber music, jazz parts, one opera in three acts, organ sacred classical fugues parts, and many more). He discovered a new musical theory (new mathematical solfegium). He recorded 14 plates (CD LPs) and one radiophonic piece in 7 CD LPs named "La Fin de Satan" (the End of Satan) from the poetic text of Victor Hugo. Merlin Productions/Studio Karnatic'/MNM Editions is an Individual Enterprise, independent freelance auto-production and auto-edition artistic crafts legal framework in France (UE).

Early Life

Nirmel Mouchiquel born on March 12, 1975 in Dijon, France. He is a Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and Sound engineer. He enters in Superior at the Dijon Conservatory in 1993. Nirmel resigns from the CNR (CRR) with a 1st deciphering medal, mention in chamber music and music theory in the end of DEM cycle.

Introduces himself to the interpretation of jazz, improvisation, gospel, and sound processing at the Castel High School. His musical practice workshops alongside a terminal A1 (philosophy, maths) with Frédérique Carminati and the late Michel Thibault (Aurora Productions, Melody Productions, Night and Day, etc).

As a Music Composer

After more than 500 concerts, around 2012, Mouchiquel decided to stop doing it. Indeed concentrated more on the composition and the acoustic treatment of the sound noticed that most computer-assisted composition software and audio software offered factory sounds that either contained noise, or weren't suitable for the features he was looking to use for composing and mixing.

Nirmel Mouchiquel - A Talented Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and the Sound Engineer

Mouchiquel has submitted more than 250 compositions to Sacem (solo clarinet, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, chorale, string quartet, quintet for clarinet and strings, cello duo and guitar, fugues, ska-jazz for big band, concertino for clarinet, symphony with choir and organ, concerto, neo-classical, neo-baroque, jazz, contemporary, mixed creation of jazz-classical oriental music and a personal mathematical discovery), and an opera in writing lessons for several years.

His Music Composition Style

Mr Mouchiquel practiced classical, progressive rock, some ragas, and in general oriental or Indian, African rhythmic, contemporary, jazz, and electroacoustic music. He decided to make a mix of all this, at the clarinet, the bass clarinet, and the sax. He is interested in improvisation. Then he decided to newly compose, but with this musical luggage in memory.

Mouchiquel decided also to try to discover new composition techniques and that is, he need music software that does not exist in what is sold and informatically coding it nowadays, will soon have finished the 1st part, but he had to newly calculate and solve equations. So, he still practice music with philosophy and mathematics in it, and discovered two new methods of conceptualizing what we call solfege, the modes, then he named them ‘Modes Parallélants’ and ‘Modes Cristallins’.

Nirmel Mouchiquel - A Talented Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and the Sound Engineer

It is founded on permutations and series. This is how Mr Mouchiquel stopped concerts, knowing, in addition, he has a new microprocessor building mathematical knowledge he build myself, and knowing he has studied auto-didactically the counterpoint and fugua writing, that he applied writing 40 creative fugues on subjects for the Prix de Paris competition between 1813 and 1901, and all this is about ten hours a day without holidays working.

Audio Processing and Composition Software Development Process

Nirmel Mouchiquel decided to make his software for audio processing and composition on-screen score (Computer Aided Music) due to non-availability of the features in the other software which he is looking for.

So, he conceptualize his personal electronics, as well as get back to studying the mathematics of acoustics for the development of this software. He pulled out his paper and pens, and lined up the equations. He noticed that even the so-called insulated cables were poorly made, because they were poorly conceptualized, the insulating sheaths very often not being the right thicknesses of materials or the right materials to really insulate and to avoid sound loss. He has also studied the phenomenon of thermal noise of electronic components, operational amplifiers and transistors.

Also, he studied binary calculus, thought about materials used as dielectrics in capacitors, re-studied semiconductors and ionization, etc., and came up with what he call his NirmLs, base of materials that do not waste natural resources and whose calculation base is what is sought. In computer languages such as OCaml or Prolog, that is to say, the base of what he has called the Ontological axiom defining Being in his philosophical texts: the fact that one plus one equals two.

Nirmel Mouchiquel - A Talented Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer and the Sound Engineer

In the meantime, he also studied about the phenomenon of pirating and trafficking. After, which he conceptualized a software preventing piracy, so as to place the audio documents, texts. At the Final, he has coded a NoCrack1012 which will evolve further. The current developed part is to be able to draw yourself on the screen and save your drawings.

The development he working in 2020 is audio and sound processing. The next development will be the composition on screen staves and further next development part is going to be word processing. These Packs will have access available to the CNIL for two reasons, so as not to hide illegal documents there and for the reason that this system will be (is) more efficient than patents and Soleau envelopes for the protection of documents. It will even allow students to protect their work against any attempt to recover, for example, their theses or dissertations. Then, the following development will be an environment that can be an alternative to Windows and Linux, with a specific language allowing to generate oneself all the methods or functions of a computer language.

These Packs are for rent for a period of one year renewable, and are considered purchased after ten years. Nirmel Mouchiquel distribute them via his official annex site: http://merlinproductions-randd.eu with free access.

If you want to know more what this talented artist has written, his music pieces, or recorded, even "La Fin de Satan" that has been written by Victor Hugo and proves there is no Satan in the Universe, fact that conservatism do not accept, so go and visit his Soundcloud Page.

For More Information:

Websites: http://merlinproductions-randd.eu/


SoundCloud: Nirmel Mouchiquel Marcillac

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