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Lucy Boynton - On Choosing Her Roles, Sustainability, Fashion and Haircuts


Lucy Boynton - On Choosing Her Roles, Sustainability, Fashion and Haircuts

We spoke with the actor on the occasion of the launch of the new fragrance of which he is the image, Chloe Signature Naturelle.

Lucy Boynton's love affair with the world of beauty goes back a long way. Since long before she became the image of Chloe's fragrances before she dazzled Instagram with her daring makeup or her haircut became one of the most demanded in hairdressers. "I think my first memory is smelling the scent of my mother's perfume," she says in her soft voice.

“Smelling it now takes me right back to childhood. It is very evocative. It transports you, it is comforting ”.

She replied to a reporter: “It was one of the funniest filming, quite an adventure. John Hodge [writer of The Beach and is responsible for the adaptation of Trainspotting] has made this new adaptation of the book, I am a great admirer of his work ”.

We have just seen her in Modern Love, in a chapter with Kit Harington, she is shooting a series based on Agatha Christie's work The Boomerang tryectoria and she has the biopic about Marianne Faithfull pending in which she will play the diva.

Global fame came to him for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody: “It was a very special experience. I was aware of the fans that Queen had, but I don't think anyone could imagine such an immense response. "

The film starring his partner, Rami Malek, became one of the favorites of the awards season in 2019. Boynton walked the red carpet that year, dazzling with his completely unusual sense of style: sweet but daring at the same time. Firms such as Rodarte, Celine, or Erdem shaped their wardrobe, but they were simply accessories to their beauty looks, teamwork with their makeup artist, Jo Baker: “We met in a photoshoot in 2016, when I was promoting Sing street, we connected immediately and have worked together since then ”.

He confesses to blindly putting himself in their hands. “I always let myself be guided. Each time the process varies because it depends on where I draw inspiration, the event, the season, or how I feel at that moment. But we talk about it all, and then she digs into her eclectic collection of references to prepare it. With her, I would be able to go out without looking in the mirror, it's brilliant ”.

In that productive session, he also met Jenny Choo, the stylist who would be in charge of cutting his hair: “We decided it right there. I had recently seen Paris Texas, the Wim Wenders film, so it is a bit inspired by the hair of Nastassja Kinski, a blonde hair. "

If she relies on her team for styling (she also works with stylist Leith Clark), to choose roles her process is much more introspective: “It is analytical and mental, but also instinctive. It depends on the creativity, the director, the story or what my character is like ”.

He made his debut at the age of 12, but then made a break to continue his studies. In recent years, in just five years, he has shaped a balanced career in which he combines blockbusters with the author's work. And he is only 27 years old. “I think I have been very fortunate for the projects I have worked on. I have had a great experience out of all of them, so I hope to continue like this: working with good, loving, and creative people, to continue doing a job that keeps me inspired and excited ”.

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