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Tyriq French - The Future Star Model  

Tyriq French - The Future Star Model

Why Is being a creative an important thing today for you? 

Being creative is very important because it gives is individual a different type of feeling and a way of seeing things.

How would you describe your work ethic? 

My work ethic is described by me being hard working , very ambitious and determine, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t get the job done it’s almost like my body and mind does not let me be lazy.

Who are your role models? 

I never really had a role model because I never really looked up to anyone. I always felt like I could do the job better than the next person so it is hard for me to look up to someone knowing that we all have flaws.

What is it about the way you are doing what you are doing, that you simply feel might separate you from others who attempt to do that?

What separates me the most is that I come from a back ground that I do not want to go back to, so I have no choice but to be great at what I do, I’m really passionate in my art because I love to make people feel really good , making people feel good is a pleasure for myself.

How do you feel in Tunnel Vision? 

I let nothing distract me or get in the way of what I want even if I have made sacrifices of having any fun. Ones I am locked in on something I’m ready to go all out. 

How does one revisit up after failing?

How do I get back up after failing is me knowing that I can do better and me knowing that everyone fails nobody perfect I am really huge on control What I can control and trying to find a way to make things happen? 

What is your creative process like? 

Well to be more specific the music group Dvsn gives me motivation to make great content because of the good vibes the music gives and makes me.

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