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Marko Stout - The Real King of the Modern Art World

Marko Stout - The Real King of the Modern Art World

Marko Stout is a multimedia and film artist based out of New York City. He is a contemporary artist from the United States, especially known for his astonishing pop styles and modern urban life. His work keeps on astonishing big names, the local artists and art lovers around the whole world. From being contrasted with Andy Warhol to being commended by the Kardashians clan, Marko is always on top. It would not be wrong to say that he is a game-changer in the modern art world. Perusers Digest UK wrote about him, "Most progressive, unconventional and charming personalities in the art world".

A Multi-Talented Artist

These days it is truly impossible not to have heard even once or to talk about the name of Marko Stout, especially in the modern art industry. His work has been called to be “dark, gritty and raw” and is likewise considered as the “hottest art in NYC!”.  And due to this howling success, Marko Stout is an epitome for aspiring contemporary artists globally. Many young artists consider his phenomenal work as a benchmark or peak standard in the industry. That is why; upcoming and aspiring contemporary artists need to study his work.

Early Days in His Career

Marko started his art career in the'90s as an "outsider" in San Francisco and later downtown New York City. He was born in a small New Jersey beach town, Marko's initial years were loaded up with surfing, sports, and Rock music.

The interesting thing about Marko is that initially, he was not an artist. It was his neighbor who was an artist and a roadie for the "Thankful Dead". He was the person who carried Marko into the art. He supported Marko and sold a couple of his paintings in an art gallery. After this, he upheld Marko to pick art as a profession. After this, Marko enter in the art world and studied at the Chicago Institute of Art.

After completing his studies, Marko moved to California. While residing in Sausalito's bohemian community, aboard a houseboat on the San Francisco Bay, Marko got himself familiar with numerous artists, writers, and the exhibition proprietors. They would have the significant discussions with respect to art, music, and philosophy frequently. Here he got the chance to meet a painter, who is also studied at the Chicago Institute of Art, who possessed an esteemed gallery. This was without a doubt sufficient motivation for Marko Stout to follow his career in the modern art, and surprisingly, his most first and memorable piece of work were sold in that gallery. That's why Marko feels extremely thankful to this gallery since it was this exhibition that made the way for his future and went as a stepping stone to the achievement that he has at the present.

Marko Stout - The Real King of the Modern Art World

Uniqueness In the Marko’s Work

Marko Stout is dedicated to producing works in different media, particularly printing, painting, design, film, video, photography, and among other new media. The uniqueness of his work is the real reason behind his fame in the art world. He never compromises on the quality of his work. He often says that the Quality of work is more important for him than not quantity, that’s why he is the real king of this art world.

In all of his work, he will incorporate an extraordinary social reference and that implies that makes him and his work particular. The flawlessness are the couple of things he significantly takes a stab at, especially in his metal works of art and models, double-dealing materials that square measure strong and eye-catching and tones, that's the square measure enthusiastic. Like each unique imaginative mind, Stout is moreover celebrated for not keeping an incidental profile once it includes his looks and rock star appearance. The cutting-edge making vogue he displays, with the dark outfits, flier eyeglasses, and particular cap makes him stand out and be his own unique personality.

So, even if you are not in New York then also you can witness the masterpieces of this iconic artist in different places where his galleries are found. His independent galleries are spread across the USA. His art has also crossed the lines and can be seen in his galleries situated in urban areas like Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, and Hong Kong.

You can reach Marko Stout via the following Social Platforms:

Website:     MarkoStout.com

Instagram: @markostout

Facebook:   Marko Stout

LinkedIn:     Marko Stout 

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