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Getting to Know Artist, TayJamelle

Getting to Know Artist, TayJamelle


TayJamelle, also known as “Tay” is a musical artist from Dallas, Texas. The artist has a lot of projects to look forward to in the upcoming seasons and is just getting his name out there. From being consistently dedicated to his work as long as he remembers, pushing past adversities, and still pursuing his dreams, Tay speaks more on his upcoming endeavors. “ ‘Intoxicated Fun’ my first ever project.It’s really a nod to some of my past feelings when I was out there, ,but it is was it is and I can’t lie most was fun. But I wanted to lay that part of TayJamelle to rest we in to bigger better things. I’m gonna be doing a couple Christmas things, something slight to try to gather an audience but other than that I’m taking a step back into school to really learn what I’m getting myself into business wise.”

Tay is known to be honest and true when it comes to his demeanor and work ethic. Tay is on the right path despite the hardships he grew up in and overcame. Tay has been through a lot, but stays consistent on his current endeavors. “GOD is the only answer. None of this would be possible without him. I truly believe that I’m meant to do this in some way, shape or firm and I will find it and do it to the best of my ability.” Tay stays motivated. His hardships have made him who he is and Tay does not stop pushing. Because of his consistent work, he is now an upcoming and talented artist coming out of his city.

How have you overcome struggles to be where you are at now?

I literally just do it cause the only way to get better is to try. For instance I’m not the greatest singer I have a voice though and I’m learning and both training to get to where I wanna be. I never in a million years though my id have a song on Spotify and Apple Music. But I do with my lyrics and the beat that I paid for, it’s TayJamelle they see when they hear this and feel this, ik it’s not perfect now but this is only the beginning good things come to those who work for it.

As a business owner, what are some obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are at?

I’m constantly in go for my career I don’t put no time in noting else at all, but i also been procrastinating on this ep for 3 years soo, I think this is what need even thoo Ik it’s not and it’s wearing me thin, once this is complete a new chapter begins and I’m excited to show myself and others just how far I can go. TayJamelle is a BRAND believe me when I tell you.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

My Mama is one of the main sources of my creativity she definitely has a way with putting thing together that I admire it’s so organized and together and flows so well and I be like why I ain’t get that. I be so everywhere it’s ridiculous. Then my father the og hustler so the go to get been in me since a peewee in the pick up, and both my parents got taste in that music chiii I said listen to bops.

Tay’s hardships have made him want to keep pushing despite anything. His work remains unique and worthy. “That main character energy is okay but don’t forget your the narrator too you have control of what comes in and out even if you have to hurt to learn,learn to grow, grow to show you ain’t the same person you where back then dwelling in the pass will have you on your ass better make sum shii shake.”

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